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Colleen Kelleher

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I grew up in North Reading, and have been teaching a variety of group and private fitness classes since 1987. I began my career in the fitness industry while attending college at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My Biomechanical Engineering degree included many classes in the Exercise Science Department studying the mechanics of the Human body. Studying the body, the health, the nutrition and the abilities always amazed me, but when I began teaching exercise classes, I realized how much I loved showing others how important it is to keep the body moving.

I started teaching Hi/Lo impact, Step, Kickboxing, Slide, Muscle Conditioning, and every other fad that came along. About 18 years ago, I discovered Yoga and Pilates and instantly knew that this was the piece that was missing. Exercising is not about trying to burn the most amount of calories as you can, but to feel strong, powerful, graceful and happy about yourself. Practicing Yoga, I found strength, flexibility, balance, grace, core stability and a calming connection between the mind & body and could not wait to share this with others. I found that the strength and balance you develop on the mat brings you that same strength and balance in your life.

I teach combination classes that integrate all the different types of classes I have taught over the years. I take pride in my detailed guidance for safety and proper alignment starting with awareness and engagment of the CORE and the importance of the breath.  I strive to help others to find the joy I find in exercise. To find that exercise is not a chore, but a gift we give ourselves. Find how amazing the Human body is! Give yourself strength, grace, balance. Give your mind clarity, peace and happiness!! Honoring ourselves and each other....Namaste!

I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and have been a ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 1989. I continually add to my yoga and fitness education and I am also CPR and First Aid certified. Throughout my years of training, I have been influenced by various artists such as Natasha Rizopoulos, Jen Ryan, David Magone, Kevan Gale, Chanel Luck, Jennifer Craig, and Coeli March. I reside in North Reading with my husband and three children. I teach at all hours of the day to make sure everyone can find time in their busy lives to exercise.